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Antibiotics and Perms

Q: I am a licensed Hairdresser and have a question regarding taking antibiotics and the perming of hair. Will the antibiotics interfere with the outcome of the perm?
A: I haven't ever encountered any issues arising from antibiotics interacting with perm chemicals in the hair, however, it is common knowledge that some drugs can result in unpredicted perming results.
In most cases, though, the use of a good clarifying shampoo prior to the perm service is sufficient to remove any residue on the hair shaft and prepare the hair to accept the perming chemicals.
antibiotic tablets If you are ever in doubt with a client about how their hair will respond to a chemical service, remember that you are always meant to perform a patch test, and test curl before a perm. Schedule the client to come in and have a test done the day before the service is intended to be given.
Doing the test will eliminate the worry that the client will have any unfortunate reactions to the chemical service, and will allow you to know best what the processing time should be for the results you and the client desire.
Always be sure to ask any new client about medications and medical conditions they may be experiencing before you schedule any chemical services. This will allow you time to research any known issues and take measures to protect your client and give him/her the best possible service.
As salon professionals it is our job to stay informed, and be prepared to combat problems and offer current, useful advice, even it isn't what the client wants to hear. So, don't give a client a service you aren't 100% comfortable with giving, just because he/she wants it.
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