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Bone Density Test

Q: Hi. I wanted to know if a bone density test will affect my perm. I will be having one a week after my perm. Thank you for any response.
A: Actually, the traditional bone density scans that are done are simply an adapted application of an x-ray procedure. As such, there should be no interaction with the chemical process of a permanent wave.
The patient is generally instructed to lie on a table while a low-grade x-ray dose is passed upward through the body at different points to be read by the apparatus above the table at key areas. Since there is no chemical effect on the body, there should be no cause for concern on the part of any effect to your perm.
If however, you have been informed that you will be given any particular medications as a part of the testing or treatment, you should consult your physician about the possible effects on your hair for a perm service before you have the perm done.
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