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Re-Perm Hair

Q: I'm a young white male. I got a perm around a month and a half ago if not more. It was to get them into tight, little curls, it worked great and I love it although now it is alot harder to maintain it as the hair is starting to come more down rather then staying up with tight, little curls. I'm guessing the reason being is my straight hair is starting to grow out a little on the roots.
I was just wondering in these cases am I able to re-perm my hair? Someone told me you can perm, permed hair and I have another friend telling me that I just have to let the roots grow out straight a tiny bit. So bottom line: at this point in time, a month and a half or so after I got a perm, would I be able to get it permed to be tight tight curls again without having a weird side effect to my hair? Please let me know when you can.

A: Well, many women get their perms refreshed every 6-8 weeks, but the real question is how much you need to have your hair re-permed to keep the look you want and still keep your hair healthy. Before getting the hair re-permed, try having a deep conditioning treatment done on your hair. In many cases this will sufficiently refresh the curl that you can hold off for a few more weeks before needing another perm.
If this doesn't work for you, or if you simply want to go forward with another perm service, be sure to tell the stylist what product was used before and have them test your hair with the product to be used to maintain the integrity of the hair. Your hair will likely not need a perm formula as strong as the one originally used. There will also be a difference in the timing of the process as well.
As always the main factors in the results of a perm service are the skill of the stylist wrapping the perm and the care used in monitoring the processing. Be sure you are using a stylist you can trust, and who has been trained well and is experienced.
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