Highlights Q&A (4)

Highlighted hair
My scalp is sore and red after foil highlighting.
My stylist put a stain on my hair. What is it?
Should I do anything special before my highlighting appointment?
Should I highlight the short hair in my nape area?
The lightening of my hair has been messed up. How soon can I dye it to a darker more natural color?
What are flashes as a hair coloring technique?
What are peek-a-boo highlights?
What are shoe shine highlights?
What are the benefits of lowlights and are they less harsh than highlights?
What are the general techniques for removal of foil highlights?
What are t-section highlights and lowlights?
What can I do about my gray regrowth which is showing?
What can I do with the stubborn kinks I have in my hair since highlights and lowlights were put in?
What can I use to put a temporary pink highlight in my blonde hair?
What does a hairdresser mean when she says highlights won't bother your hair?
What's going wrong with the re-touching of the roots of my highlights?
What is the benefit of doing the base then foils as opposed to just foils?
What is the difference between partial and all-over highlights?
What is the difference between regular highlighting and a balayage?
What is the difference between toner and just color?
What natural highlights or lowlights could I put in my black hair?
What negative effect does having highlights do to your hair?
When foiling the entire head with 2 colors is it faster and easier to color first then foil?
When re-touch foiling, how do you fold the foils to keep the re-touched hair separate?
When were foils invented or first used for hair coloring?
When were highlights invented?
Why does my highlighted hair look different in every room of my home?
Why is my hair heavier and always tangled after getting highlights?
Will well water turn my hair brassy when getting highlights?
Would it be safe to perm on top of highlights when your hair is thin?
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