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Partial & All-over highlights

Q: What is the difference between partial and all-over highlights?
A: The answer is actually as simple as it sounds. In all-over highlights, the hair is highlighted all over the head, evenly - usually in order to break up a hair color that is too flat or one-dimensional. Often, highlights will be applied in two different shades - either with both shade being lighter than the base color and one shade lighter than the other, or with one shade being lighter and one darker than the base color. The latter style of highlighting is called "dimensional coloring" and is used to produce a more natural looking and pleasing color result.
Partial highlights are generally used to draw attention to a feature or accentuate a style. In some cases, the partial highlights are used as a style element on their own, particularly in cases of the bolder highlighting techniques. Some of the best stylists will use partial highlighting to create a new look in a simple cut.
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