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Highlights Removal

Q: What are the general techniques for removal of foil highlights? (Different techniques are causing some confusion.)
A: Well, generally speaking, removing foil highlights is usually a simple matter of re-coloring the highlighted hair to match the main color of the hair. This can be done by simply applying a deposit-only color formula that matches the main color of the hair to the highlighted segments with a color brush (and possibly foils if desired) and allowing the color to process for about ten minutes then applying the rest of the color formula to the entire head to "freshen" the main color as well and help make the results look more even.
Another option would be to simply apply a deposit-only haircolor that is slightly lighter than the main color of the hair, but that is significantly darker than the highlighted hair, all over the head and allow it to process normally. This will dramatically reduce the difference between the colors of the previously highlighted hair and the hair's main color. The end result will be that the highlights are blended significantly into the main color of the hair and the hair will look as though the color variations are more naturally occurring.
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