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Highlights and Roots

Q: Hi, I have been getting blonde (foil) highlights in my hair for years now. I am finding that my roots grow back in so quickly and the rest of my hair is so white! My hairstylist does foil highlights on my hair right over top of my existing highlights, but within a couple of weeks my roots are already through. Is there anything I could do to keep my roots as light as my hair, or should I look for another hairdresser? Thanks
A: It sounds as though your hairdresser is re-coloring the highlights entirely as opposed to simply retouching the new growth (roots) area. This would account for the overly-white highlights.
When your highlights are significantly lighter than your natural color, you are going to notice your new growth more readily. It's a matter of contrast. Now, your colorist may not be getting as close to the scalp as he/she possibly could, but depending on what he/she uses to create the highlighting it may be necessary to keep the chemicals off your scalp to avoid burning.
It's also possible that your hair grows faster than the average persons and therefore you need to have your highlights retouched more often.
As a means to prolong the time between retouches, you can try styling your hair with increased root lift, which would conceal the new growth for a longer period. You may also talk to your hairdresser about creating highlights that are concealed below the upper layers of the hair, which would allow you to keep them from showing quite so readily. This may require that he/she color some of the current highlights to blend away the obvious new growth, but it would make it so that you could wait a while longer between color services.
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