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Highlights and Tangled Hair

Q: I got my hair highlighted and now it is heavier and always tangled. Why? How do I get my hair back to being normal?
Hair with highlights Whenever hair is lightened, the cuticle of each strands is opened and swells. Bleach is the harshest form of lightener and can really rough up your cuticles. The new texture has more of a gritty feel and therefore may be the cause of your new tangles.
Try using a deep, hydrating conditioner daily on your hairs to help soften them up again. Look for a shampoo and conditioning duo that helps repair blonde hair.
Protein is often removed from your strands when they are lightened so look for a product that helps add that protein back. You may also want to consider a gloss or a glaze. A deposit only color can smooth out your hair and help with the texture.
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