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Perm on Top of Highlights

Q: I have very fine and fairly thin hair. I am 56 years old. My stylist is not anxious to give me a perm on top of the coloring I have had done. Would a perm be safe on top of the highlights? What would be the difference with a body wave? I would just like soft curls to my 'a little below the shoulder' length hair. If so, can you recommend a product name of a perm that would be the safest? Thank you for your time and hopefully, for a quick reply.
A: If your stylist is hesitant to give you a permanent wave, then you would be advised to heed the concerns. If you think the stylist's hesitation comes from a lack of experience, you can always look for a second opinion. Thin and fine hair is easily damaged by chemical processing and you should always use care when selecting additional services to be performed over the top of previous chemical services.
All things being equal, if your hair is in good condition, you can safely perm the hair over highlights. But there needs to be someone whose opinion you trust who can evaluate your hair's condition and advise you as to the likely result of attempting to perm your hair.
As for specific products, I have always had good results using Apple Pectin Permanent waves for my clients who have very fine, color-treated hair. Your stylist might also look at the Quantum line of permanent wave formulas, as they have a specific formulation for high-lift colored hair.
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