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Highlights for Black Hair

Q: I want to get highlights on my hair, but I don't want to change the color of my full head, which is black. I was wondering what "natural" looking color of highlights or lowlights I could put into my hair, if there is any that would suit black hair.
It will be great if you can answer my question.

A: Well, this depends on the base color of your black hair. If your hair is a warm-colored black (like dark chocolate is black) then the base contributing pigments are going to be reddish in nature and you could use a "mocha brown" to add some subtle highlights and warmth to the hair. However, if your hair is a cool-colored black (such as a charcoal black) you will have a more difficult time creating a highlighting look, although you could use an ash brown color to highlight the hair.
Of course, if you simply want to add some shine and luster to the hair to give it a dramatic change, many women with black hair go for a clear gloss treatment or a color glaze which adds a color to black hair that shows mostly when the light glints off the hair. The clear-gloss adds shine elements to the hair that give the hair a glassy, shiny gloss and allows it to reflect the light more readily. The color glazes are tints that add a hint of color to black hair so that instead of flat color you get black that glistens with a touch of warmth or shimmering cool tones.
I hope this gives you some ideas.
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