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Highlights, Lowlights & Stubborn Kinks

Q: After my last highlights and lowlights were put in, I have some stubborn kinks in my hair from the roots - 2 or 3 inches down that won't blow out. Is there anything I can before it grows/fades out?
A: If the hair won't be straightened by blow-drying it straight, then you could use a flat iron to straighten the kinks present.
However, if even this doesn't smooth the hair out, you may want to visit the salon and speak to the stylist who performed the highlighting. He/she may be able to recommend another solution, or be able to offer a thio-based straightening service to remove the kink in the hair. Since you are only looking to remove a specific "kink" from the hair, you can use the formula in a targeted area and be able to avoid exposing the hair's total length to the chemicals.
The hazard with this method is that the peroxide used to neutralize any perm formula can lighten the hair's color, and can especially affect the color of color-treated hair.
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