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Benefits of Lowlights

Q: What are the benefits of lowlights? Are lowlights less harsh for your hair than highlights?
A: Lowlights are called such because they are generally slim strands of color that is darker than the hair's natural color. You can add lowlights to the hair to create a more dimensional look and deepen the hair's overall color profile, and generally, the more colors you incorporate, the richer and more natural the color results will be.
The benefit of lowlights also includes the fact that since the formula does not have to lift the existing color level - merely deposit color into the hair - the formula is less stressful on the hair as a whole. It also means that lowlights can be added using semi- and demi-permanent color formulas which means that you can try out the look without a permanent commitment to changing the color of your hair. (Semi- and demi-permanent colors wash out in 6-12 shampoos, normally.)
Lowlights are also great for correcting cases where the hair is "over-highlighted" such as when the individual has had so many highlights placed in the hair that the hair looks out of balance. It lets you create a more natural look by targeting the exact areas that you want to add color. (In normal cases of "over-highlighting" the solution is often an all-over toner application that darkens all the hair in order to create a muted effect.)
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