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How to Fold Foils When Re-touch Foiling

Q: When re-touch foiling with powder bleach, weaving horizontally, how do you fold the foils to keep the re-touched hair separate from what you don't want the bleach to touch? Thanks so much.
A: The easiest way is to make sure that your foil is at least twice as wide as the section being worked. Make sure the foil is pressed securely against the scalp when the hair is brought over. After the bleach is applied to the retouch area, fold the foil over the hair and fold it diagonally to create a redirection of the hair at the ends away from the bleached area. You can then fold the tip of the triangle down into a tent shape which will hold the hair away from the head.
You might find it easier to work with smaller sections (width-wise) than you originally used to make the hair easier to keep separated. A little caution and planning can make the process easier, as can the inclusion of a helper to assist you.
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