What are lowlights?

Hair with lowlights
Q: What are lowlights?
A: Lowlights are the opposite of highlights and they may be less well-known to the general public. The term "lowlights" is used when the streaks are darker than the rest of the hair. Since lowlights are darker streaks, they work best on lighter hair, usually two or three shades darker than the existing hair color.
There are different techniques for applying lowlights.
The most commonly used lowlighting method is the foiling technique (foils lowlighting). The hairdresser uses sheets of aluminum foil to separate strands of hair. The strands can be thicker or thinner, depending on the final look you wish to create.
These strands are covered with color and then wrapped in a sheet of foil for processing. The foil retains the heat and accelerates the coloring process. Another advantage of the foiling technique is that the colorist can get close to the roots of the hair.
Lowlighting hair with the foiling technique
Foil lowlighting - Photos: Fotopronto via Canva
Some hair salons use a method from yesteryear: a cap. The colorist uses something that looks like a swimming cap with holes in it and places it on the client's head. The holes serve to pull strands of hair through. The strands that come through the cap will be colored, and the number of holes used determines the amount of lowlights.
Lowlights look more subtle than highlights because the darker streaks are often hidden under the lighter hairs. Lowlights are also an excellent way to try out a darker hair color without committing to altering your color all over.
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