Cutting Hair Q&A (5)

Hair cutting scissors and comb
What are the "right" and "left" ear taper guides for? How do you use them?
What are the techniques to thin out hair?
What are triangle layers and how do you cut them?
What does feathering hair mean and can I feather my own hair?
What does "layered" mean to a hair stylist?
What does transient cutting mean?
What do I need to know to buy the right thinning shears?
What do razored edges look like and what is the difference between razored and normal layers?
What do you call the cutting method where the sides of the hair are cut shorter in stages?
What is a flatliner made for and how should I use it?
What is a Flowbee and what can you do with it?
What is a good set of shears or haircutting scissors for my hair?
What is an alternative way to cut hair that gives the same result as razor cut?
What is an oiled haircutting technique?
What is a pie haircut?
What is a razor tool?
What is a soufrange haircut?
What is cutting up, down, in and out, freehand, and channel cutting?
What is a swing cut and can I do it myself?
What is a wet cut?
What is reverse graduation?
What is slide cutting?
What is the best material for a hair cutting cape?
What is the best technique for deeply layering thick hair?
What is the best way to cut an inverted bob?
What is the best way to cut men's hair in a tapered style?
What is the definition of a disconnected haircut?
What is the definition of a shag hairstyle?
What is the difference between a beveled cut and a layered cut?
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