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Triangle Layers

Q: What are triangle layers and how do you cut them?
A: Triangle layers are a method of layering the hair to create a distinctly tapering effect in the bulk of the hair. Basically, the long-layered cut we've discussed here before creates triangle layers, but for modern usage, the term refers to a finished style with straight hair that tapers at the lower portions of the hair strands.
how to cut triangle layers
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To cut a triangle layered style, you need to remember three things:
First, the hair sections should be elevated to an upward diagonal (about 135-degrees) and held directly in front of your body position as the one cutting the hair. Draw the forward slices of the hair back to parallel with the back of head to create shorter lengths at the back of the head than at the area framing the face.
Second, cut the slice of hair at a 90-degree cutting angle (completely horizontal), and work from the back to the front.
Finish the cut using parallel point-cutting to soften and diffuse the ends of the hair. Parallel point-cutting is where the scissors are held so that they are pointed directly into the ends of the segment of hair being textured. This ensures that the ends of the hair are thinned removing a minimal amount of hair with each snip. Flat iron the hair smooth and add volume in the hair by lightly misting with hairspray while directing with a blow dryer.
Tousle and arrange the hair with the fingers to create a finished look, (or comb smooth if you want less volume.
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