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Transient Cutting Techniques

Q: My question is: what does transient cutting mean? I have a bob style - not too short. The stylist I used to go before used the normal simple method to cut my bob style. Now that I have changed hairstylists, this one uses a different method when cutting my bob style. I noticed that she uses point cutting all over - even at the ends - while the other one used to cut it a different way (old style I mean) but the result of both was good for me. The second one told me she used transient cutting is it the latest method in cutting?
A: Transient cutting techniques are used to give the hair a variety of lengths in a layered style. While all layered styles use multiple lengths in the cut, the difference is that a transient cut uses lots of texturing techniques to create multiple lengths and layers without a linear (short to long, or long to short) progression.
The end result is a haircut with a lot of movement and a flattering shape, but that looks trendier than traditional layered cuts. Transient cuts are excellent for women (and men) who like a lot of layering and need bulk removed from their hair in some areas. Transient cuts work best on straight to wavy hair types. Some transient hairstyles may not be suited for those with very fine textured hair or who have very curly hair.
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