Thick Hair Layering Technique

Elevation and hair cutting angles
Q: I am a novice hairdresser. I run into trouble when I am adding layers to thick hair; the outer layers of hair seem to layer beautifully, but underneath, it always remains thick and blunt.
What is the best technique for deeply layering thick hair?

A: The key with even layering on thicker hair is elevation. The hair needs to be raised to a designated point of elevation and cut on a horizontal plane, or raised to a 100% vertical elevation and cut on an angled plane short to long from the top center to the side.
Working with thick hair is troublesome because it is heavy and bulky, so be sure to keep the hair sectioned out of the way when you aren't cutting that section, and work with smaller slices of the section you are working with.
Here are some diagrams with ideas for elevation and cutting angles to use when layering thick hair. These should help you visualize cutting angles that will give you more evenly distributed layers.
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