Feathering Hair

Hair cut for feathering
PPhoto: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper/Shutterstock
Q: What does feathering mean and is it possible for someone to feather their own hair? If so, how?
A: Feathering is a term used to refer to finely textured layering. The term evolved from the way many layered hairstyles looked similar to the smoothly contoured overlapping feathers on a bird's body. It now basically refers to any finely textured layered style. The hair can be short and smooth, or long and curly.
If an individual is practiced in basic haircutting techniques and understands the rules of haircutting, then they should be able to feather their own hair. However, it would be much easier to perform the techniques needed on another person, rather than on one's own head.
I am not going to try and explain the basics of haircutting in order to describe how someone might cut his or her own hair, because it is generally a bad idea for someone with no experience to attempt something that requires at least a minimal amount of knowledge and skill.
We have a number of articles on cutting hair here on Hairfinder and you should be able to find the information you need on how to cut your hair from these articles. Just remember, haircutting is not something to approach casually. If you make a mistake, you may have to live with the results for a long time while the hair grows.
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