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Oiled Haircut Technique

Q: A salon I know said that they are now using an "Oiled Haircut" technique. They picked it up at a recent Hair Trade Show. How does it differ from a normal Wet cut and what is it exactly?
A: To the best of my research, this new technique basically means that the salon is using light applications of hair-friendly oils for cutting the hair instead of the pseudo-traditional spray of water. The benefit to this seems obvious:
Oil doesn't evaporate in the way water does, and therefore the hair is more easily controlled and aligned for more-precise cutting. It can make cutting the hair a faster proposition, since the hair doesn't need to be re-wet during the course of the cut. In addition, the oil serves to condition and lubricate the hair, and acts in many ways the same way a hot oil treatment would, using the scalps own heat to aid in penetration of the hair shaft.
You will want to speak to the salon in question directly to know precisely what they do, since from what I've been able to uncover (the technique hasn't reached all areas of the world of hairdressing, yet) there are differences of opinion on whether the oil should be removed after the cut is finished, or if the oil used should be light enough to ensure that it is fully absorbed by the hair.
On a slightly different note, you should never hesitate to question a salon or stylist concerning new techniques advertised or offered. Any salon worth visiting will be more than happy to explain what they do, the benefits of the process and the expected results. After all, they are primarily interested in getting and keeping your business.
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