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Swing Haircut

Q: What is a swing cut and can I do it myself?
A: All of the research I've done online suggests that the "swing haircut" refers to a classic wedge, which offers a significant amount of movement in the hair. However, because it is a fairly precise haircut, you probably won't be able to create it yourself, since you will be unable to reach the rear sections of the head to make the necessary cuts with any precision.
If the cut you are referring to is something different, I need to have more information on the cut before I can make any additional suggestions or evaluation. The problem with trying to work from simple "haircut names" is that often these are regional or even more localized terms for a particular style. For example, the basic long-layered haircut is also called a "shag haircut" or a "rocker haircut".
The term by which it is identified depends largely on the area in which you live, or even the salon you go to. It's always advisable to use as much specific information as you have to describe a haircut when talking to a stylist. Communication always generates the best results.
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