How to Use a Razor Tool

Hair cutting with a razor tool
Photo: Alter-ego/Shutterstock
Q: I've been browsing your fascinating site trying to find out how an amateur like me might cut softly graduated hairstyles. I notice you mention something called a razor tool when talking about graduated finishes - what is it? What does it look like? And can I buy one, if so where?
A: A razor tool is what it sounds like. It is a razor - specifically a traditionally styled straight razor - with an approximately three-inch blade and a fold out design. Most razors come with a guard that should be left in place whenever you use it on someone's hair - especially your own.
The razor is extremely sharp and can easily cut you if you are not careful. Most beauty schools don't allow their students to even handle razors for cutting the hair until they are well into their training.
The straight razors used for haircutting can be purchased at most any barber and beauty supply store. Your basic starter razor can be purchased for around U.S. $10.00 and will usually come with a package of replacement blades.
Razor tool
The razor tool, shown in the graphic, is properly held with the thumb placed beneath and beside the blade, the index and middle fingers on top to the blade side of the cover, and the ring finger placed in the curved tang on the end of the tool. The cover is positioned to an upward angle.
If you want to learn how to use the razor tool, I recommend you also purchase a haircutting manikin on which to practice. This will allow you to get the feel for the tool and learn what it will do, without risking your own (or someone else's) hair.

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