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Pie Haircut

Q: I am currently a cosmetology student and have the assignment of finding out what a Pie Haircut is. I'm not sure whether it is a certain style or a technique in parting pie sections and then elevating the hair and then cutting, to achieve a desired style. Could you please help me and explain?
A: My research uncovered two references to a “Pie Haircut”. The most prevalent is what is being called a “Pumpkin Pie haircut”, which was worn by Jim Carrey in his role in the film, Dumb and Dumber. The cut is a variation of the old bowl cut with less bulk in the weight-line along the parietal ridge, a cleanly-defined perimeter and a blunt-cut, horizontal fringe.
Jim Carrey's pie haircut
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The top section is combed forward and down to emphasize the blunt edge of the fringe and the combing pattern often creates a triangular shape that fans out toward the fringe, as a pie slice widens at the crustal edge. This may easily be the reason the “Pumpkin Pie haircut” term was used to describe the look.
It is my belief that the term “Pie Haircut” is an abbreviation of “Pumpkin Pie Haircut” in the same way that the old “Pudding Bowl Haircut” became known as a “Bowl Cut”.
The other “Pie Haircut” reference was to a look called a “Geek Pie haircut”, which by all accounts and images seems to be an edgy, punk-type haircut, in which the back and sides are cut short or shaved and a single, triangular shape is left long in the top and crown sections of the head. This wedge-shaped section is often enhanced by flashy color and texturing. In this instance, it is the triangular wedge-shape that is the source of the “Pie haircut” moniker.
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