Disconnected Haircut

Short haircut with disconnected sections
Photo: Spaskov/Shutterstock
Q: What is the definition of a disconnected haircut? Is this type of cut known under other names too?
A: A disconnected haircut is any cut that features dramatic length changes in the hair.
Cuts such as the traditional "Mullet" (with its short top and sides and long nape area) and even the "Mohawk" would be considered examples of a disconnected haircut.
It's the dichotomy in the lengths that truly defines the disconnected haircut. The specific areas of the length change may cause the haircut to be referred to by specific names, but it is this difference in lengths that is the key.
Having the disconnect in the lengths and the lack of smooth transitory layering leads disconnected haircuts to be considered very "edgy" and they often come and go as trends progress. Some examples of the disconnect are more apparent than others, but all will have a clear delineation between the shorter layering and the longer lengths in the cut.
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