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Pivot Bob Hairstyle

Q: I need to know if you start a pivot bob at the nape of the neck and if it requires the large teeth of the comb.
A: The best way to cut any bob hairstyle is to begin the cut in the most central location. This means the nape area of the neck. The hair is sectioned up in order to be better controlled, and the cut is begun by creating guide lengths at the nape of the neck and at the face (taking care to make sure the lengths on each side of the face are even).
The hair is cut from the guide length in back to the front lengths and the rest of the hair is lowered and cut following those guides. The hair should be held using no tension, to prevent distorting the length of the hair being cut. The type of comb used depends on the texture of the hair.
Fine hair will require the use of fine-toothed combs to control the hair, while coarser hair will need the use of wide-tooth combs to prevent putting too much tension on the hair while cutting.
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