Spike Up Hair

Spiked up hair for men
Q: For the men's shaved haircut how do you get that thing in the front that makes your hair spike up naturally when it grows back, what do you have to do?
A: Well, when dealing with men's super-short haircuts (generally achieved using clippers) the hair tends to go through a phase where it will stand on its own. This stage is determined by the texture of the hair and its density. Individuals with fine hair will usually find that their hair lies down a lot sooner than those with coarse hair.
Most men need to use some sort of hair product to get their hair to spike after a certain length. This becomes important for those men who like to wear specific short hairstyles, such as the flattop. For men with very fine hair, mousse or light hold gel is usually sufficient.
Men whose hair is coarse and thick usually get a goodly amount of natural spikiness, but may find they need to use stronger gels or pomade (hair wax) to get their hair to spike as it gets a little longer.
The rest of the equation is the direction of the hair shaft as it emerges from the follicle. In the average person, the hair on the head will grow in different directions on different areas of the head.
In some cases there are very distinct growth patterns such as hair streams, whorls and cowlicks. These will have to be taken into account when trying to achieve spiky hairstyles, because they can often work against your goal. Fortunately, these can often be overcome by using styling product and allowing the hair to get a little longer.
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