Husband Cuts His Wife’s Hair

Husband with scissors, ready to cut his wife's hair
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Q: My husband has absolutely no experience cutting hair, but he would like to know how it feels to trim my hair. Is it normal for men to sometimes cut their wife's hair? What do you think? Is it a good idea to let him do it? We bought a professional pair of scissors and a hairdressing cape a while ago, but we have never used them.
My hair falls just below my shoulders. I would like it a bit shorter, but my husband never agrees when I suggest cutting it shorter. Now that he wants to cut a piece of my hair himself, it seems like a perfect opportunity to lose some length. And if he happens to be good at cutting my hair, we can save some money.

A: It's not uncommon for spouses and boyfriends to cut their partner's hair. Letting him trim your hair can be a fun activity, and I even think it could strengthen your relationship. The cutting session can be an enjoyable experience, but it's important to approach it with realistic expectations. If you're willing to take risks and see it as a fun experiment, then I think it's a good idea to let him cut your hair.
The professional scissors and hairdressing cape are already a good start. Cutting hair requires skill and knowledge of cutting techniques, but even though your husband lacks professional experience, he can learn by doing. Who knows, maybe he has a natural knack for cutting hair. Cutting hair is, in a way, a form of art. Some people have a talent for it, and others do not.
Communicate openly about your expectations and discuss the desired hair length to avoid misunderstandings. This ensures that both of you feel good about it. It's best to start cautiously. Begin by cutting only a small piece of hair, and when both of you are satisfied with the result, he can cut more.
I agree with you. Allowing your husband to cut a piece of your hair is a perfect opportunity to achieve the shorter hair length you've always wanted. From a psychological perspective, it's a whole different story for him when he's actively part of the cutting process. It's an excellent opportunity to break the taboo of shorter hair. The fun part is that he will be breaking it himself, without pressure from your side.
Be well aware of the risks. It's important to weigh the potential downsides and be open to the possibility that you may need professional help to correct poorly cut hair. The result of his cutting attempt may be uneven, requiring more hair to be cut to try to fix it. This second attempt may also be uneven, leading to more cutting, ... There's a potential risk of entering a vicious cycle, with more hair on the floor and less on your head.
Freshly cut hair lying on the floor
I personally know a couple that ended up in this dreaded vicious cycle. She wanted a shoulder-length bob, and her husband agreed to cut her hair. It seemed simple and risk-free. Her hair was perfectly straight, and he only needed to cut about 10 centimeters. They started the cutting session, full of confidence and convinced of a positive result. They had no idea of the stress awaiting them in the next hour.
From the beginning, it went wrong. One side of the bob was shorter than the other, and more hair had to be cut in an attempt to correct it. That went wrong too, and so it continued. The end result was a very poorly cut short bob at chin length. Fortunately, they could both laugh about it. The next day, she went to a hair salon to have it corrected and cut even shorter. Their cutting adventure ended with a cute short hairstyle instead of a long bob.
If you're adventurous and both of you don't mind if it goes wrong, possibly ending with a short haircut, go for it. But if either of you would be upset if the outcome of your husband's cutting attempt is disastrous, it might be better to get your hair professionally cut.
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