Features & Benefits of Different Haircuts

Short haircut with a graduated back
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Q: Hi. I am looking for the features and benefits for each of these haircuts: UNIFORM LAYER, SHORT GRADUATION, LONG GRADUATION, ONE LENGTH.
A: As always, we are pleased to help. So, in a nutshell, below is the lowdown on the cuts listed.
The Uniform Layered cut is simply a haircut that cuts the hair on the head to the same length, by using a traveling guide when cutting the hair. The cut is great for wavy hair as it maximizes the potential volume. In persons with very curly or kinky hair, this cut will create an “afro” effect.
The Short Graduated haircut is a catch-all name that could cover a variety of different looks. The common theme of these looks is a section of closely tapering layers. This could be the “beveled edge” of a long bob, the steep grade in back of a wedge cut, or the fade portion of a high and tight buzz cut. The use of short graduation helps to adjust the level of bulk in a targeted area.
The Long Graduated haircut has also been known by a number of names: the Gypsy, the Shag, etc., depending on the length of the finished style and the wave pattern of the hair. The Long Graduated cut allows you to evenly distribute the bulk and volume of the hair and is great for wavy or curly styles as it prevents the pyramid shaped head.
The One Length style is a misnomer, since in effect you are creating shorter lengths of hair as you move down the head. But the hair all comes to a stop at one cutting line, so only one length of hair is visible. This is also called a blunt cut and can be a variety of lengths.
It’s great for creating strong lines and drawing attention to specific areas of the face as desired. The cut works better with straighter hair types, as wave and curl can cause a pyramid effect in curly hair types.
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