Trim Hair with Clippers

Hairdresser trimming long hair with clippers
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Q: I went to a Turkish hairdresser to get the ends of my long hair trimmed. He used clippers instead of scissors to cut the ends of my hair. Is this normal? Why did he use clippers? I would think that clippers are more harsh to my hair and maybe they can cause new split ends.
A: Firstly, you’ll have to realize that every hairdresser cuts, colors and styles hair differently from the next stylist. This is even more true in the context of hairdressers from different states and different countries. There really isn’t something such as a “normal” technique or process to cut hair.
Students are taught the basic structure of cutting hair, as well as extensive theory on everything from scalp and hair health right through to creating up styles that are currently trending on fashion week runways. But once you are qualified as a professional hairstylist, you get to experiment different ways to make your service unique and exclusive.
This is what separates mediocre stylists from supersuccessful ones. Alberto Olmedo is a Spanish hairdresser in Madrid who owns a very successful and fairly famous salon. He uses mostly unconventional techniques to cut the hair of his clients such as swords and even fire. Are these techniques “normal”? Not by any means no. And yet clients flock to his salon because of the immaculate accuracy that he uses to create his styles. He’s also made a very strong name for himself as he’s created a very unique and exclusive niche in the extensive hairdressing realm thanks to his unconventional methods.

This said, yes it is very normal for hairdressers to cut solely with clippers. I find that especially male professional stylists prefer this method. I’ve also seen that most of them use their clippers with incredible flair and talent, creating absolutely stunning styles. This is especially frequently sighted on the stages of international hairdressing competitions, because being able to cut solely with clippers or a razor is a professional accolade among industry leaders in the hairdressing realm.
Some hairdressers only use a razor instead of scissors or clippers. The razor that a hairdresser uses is an incredibly sharp kind of razor. These razors are sharp enough to shave very hard and thick beards of mature men effortlessly. The actual razor part is replaced frequently to prevent the edge of the metal to become blunt. If the razor is blunt, then yes, there is a big risk of splitting the hair. But this is also true when a stylist uses a blunt pair of scissors that should have been replaced due to usage.
When a razor or pair of professional hairdressing scissors becomes blunt, it is an immense irritation to both client and hairdresser, because the tool “pulls” at the hair. This is because the hairdresser is forced to use increased force to cut the hair due to the blunted edges of the tool. Professional hairstylists avoid this at all cost as it reflects poorly on their finesse, styling-skills and overall end-product. It also takes very long to try and work with a blunt tool, meaning that the hairdresser loses income due to time wasted thanks to clippers, razor or scissors that should have been replaced.
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