Short Pixie Haircut

Q: I have a question on "How to cut short pixie haircut." Re: top traveling guide, instructions say, "from side position, use the front fringe area perimeter cut to cut a top traveling guide. Be sure to comb the hair at the top of the head from both directions to the center before cutting to ensure evenness. Follow the traveling guide back toward the crown area, then blend the top section to the parietal ridge."
Does this mean take a piece from the side, for length, comb top of head in both directions to the center, and cut it all in one chunk? Will this create layers in the top? I have very thick hair and need layering on the top. Please let me know. Thank you.

A: No. The directions actually mean that you should stand to the side of the head being cut. Use the previously cut fringe length to determine the length of your cut and, after determining the section at the top of the head you will be cutting, be sure to comb it from each side to the center to make sure that you get an even cut.
The objective in this is to make sure that each hair at the top of the head, from one edge of the parietal ridge to the other, is cut to the same length. This will create layers since the head is not flat and the hairs must fall in some direction. The layering will be mostly smooth with some variance based one the hair's texture and wave pattern.
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