Cut Uniform Layers

How to cut uniform layers
Q: How would I cut uniform layers for medium length hair?
A: The standard cut for creating uniform layers in a hairstyle of any length is the circle cut. The secret to uniform layering in the circle cut is the use of a traveling guide. This simply means that once you cut the perimeter of the hair to the desired length you use these cuts as guides for cutting the rest of the hair.
The easiest method is to start with a standard, seven-section parting, leaving down a 1/2 inch perimeter all around the head. Start in the front and select the desired length you wish to have for the fringe area and cut a one-inch guide there. Do the same in the back, and at the sides of the head below each ear.
These points will give you guides with which to cut the rest of the perimeter hair. The perimeter should be cut using curving lines and should be cut in short segments to ensure more control. Be sure to check your evenness on each side carefully, or you will end up with an off-balance cut.
Check the evenness by taking segments of hair from the same point on opposite sides of the head and bring them forward or back to a central point. If the ends meet evenly at the central point (either the nose or the occipital bone in back) then the lengths are even, if one is longer, then it should be cut to adjust the length, and the rest of the hair on that side trimmed accordingly.
Cutting hair
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Once the perimeter is established, lower the hair in half-sections at a time and comb the hair and hold it straight out from the scalp to be perpendicular to the plane of the scalp at that area. This means that the lower sections will be held out at an overall downward angle, while the middle sections will be parallel to the floor, and the upper sections will angle upward and the top portion is held completely vertical.
Use your already cut perimeter to cut the hair to the established lengths. Work from center back to the right, then center back to the left. Pay attention that you maintain the evenness of the length as you move around the head.
As you complete each half-section and work your way up the head use the lower (already cut) sections to guide you in cutting the hair in the upper sections. As an added tip: be sure to keep your body positioned so that you always have the segment of hair you are cutting directly in front of you. This will help you maintain your angles and elevations properly. It will also help you avoid uneven cuts.
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