Frame the Face Haircut

How to cut a front face framing haircut
Q: How would I cut long hair so that it frames the face in the front and is all one length in the back?
A: Well the best way to manage such an effort depends on the texture and wave pattern of the hair. It's not a look suited to EVERY hair type, but it will work with many if not most. Just try to avoid this look for very curly hair types and coarse hair types.
The simplest method for getting the look you desire is to comb the wet hair evenly all over the head until it lies smooth. This includes combing the fringe area straight down over the face. The goal is to comb the hair in the position it will most readily lie in naturally when it dries.
Next, use your scissors or a razor tool to cut the forward portion of the perimeter (this is the hair that rests in the front of the face from the left sideburn area to the right) to the desired lengths and angles. You can leave the forward portion hanging completely straight when cutting and carefully cut a curved line, or you can comb this portion forward at an angle and cut the hair using a vertical cutting line.
Face framing haircut
The curved line cutting is best used when the client's hair is very fine and very straight, as it will give you a very precise finish. The vertical cutting line is best for thicker, heavier hair types as it will allow for more layering and softening of the hair in that area.
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