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Sexy Long Bangs Look

Q: I would like my hair to sweep to the side and have that long bangs look, a very trendy and sexy look. How would I cut my hair (bangs) to achieve that look?
A: The first thing to do is to determine where you want the hair to be parted. Comb your damp hair down, parting it as desired, and separate the area you want to designate as the bangs area. (This is generally the area between the outer corners of the eye brows.) For this particular look I recommend a crescent-shaped bangs area that is 1-to-2 inches deep in the center of the head.
hairstyle with long bangs
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Comb the bangs area straight down in front of your face, and at the point directly below the part in your hair, snip a guide for the bangs. This guide will represent the shortest length of your bangs.
Now, comb the guide up straight over the head and bring up the hair to either side of the guide cut in 1/2-inch segments. Hold the hair in one hand and position it so that it is directly over the parting and cut the hairs to the length of the guide.
Continue bringing up additional segments from either side and make sure you position them directly above the parting before cutting them to the guide length. Do this until you've cut the entire bangs area to match the guide length when held aloft over the parting.
This will create a curved, layered bangs look that follows the shape of the head. Once the bangs have been cut, you may want to comb the first inch of hair at the sides of the head forward at a 45-degree angle (hold the head straight and comb the hair slightly forward in an angled line using the cheekbones as a guide) and cut the ends of the hair to match the length of the bangs area. NOTE: Do this only if you have cut your bangs so that they are very long. If there is more than three inches difference in the length of the bangs and the overall length of the rest of your hair, do not cut the sides to match the bangs. If you feel like you are about to cut off too much hair, put down the scissors, and go no further.
When you are finished, you should have a long bangs look that can be styled many ways. You can blow dry the hair to have the bangs sweep to the sides in a soft, romantic curve, or you can smooth them with product across the forehead and in with the remaining hair for smooth, classy-looking up-styles.
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