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Grow Layers Out

Q: I have very fine, thin hair with layers that are way too short. When I go to the hairdressers, I always ask for long, blunt layers, but invariably end up with short, feathered ones, which I absolutely hate, despite showing photos etc. I'm trying to grow the layers out, as they just make my hair look thinner!
The last time I had my hair cut, a few weeks ago, the top layers were cut so short, I had to pin them back! I ended up cutting the bottom of my hair shorter myself to make it look more even. Please can you tell me EXACTLY what I should ask for, and how to convey that I don't want any feathering or point-cutting in my hair? Why don't hairdressers listen to customers?

A: The question “why don’t hairdressers listen to their customers?” is a tough one to answer. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to defend hairdressers on this topic, but there are enough incidents reported by customers that it’s obviously a real problem for a lot of people.
stylist cutting hair In your situation in particular, I can’t imagine why you would be having this problem. By having fine-textured hair the hairdresser should know that excessive texturing can lead to the hair looking too thin, and by specifically asking NOT to have such techniques used, it would seem to be simple.
All I can guess is that the hairdresser is simply used to doing things a certain way and falls into habitual actions while working on your hair. As much as I hate to suggest it, I think you should look for a new hairdresser and explain up front that you want the hair cut with a SHALLOW CUTTING ANGLE and that the hair should be CLUB CUT with NO TEXTURING techniques used. Explain that you want to grow out the length of your hair and that the layering and texturing defeats the purpose of the transitional cuts.
Make sure that the hairdresser understands exactly what you want BEFORE cutting begins, and make sure that you listen to him/her and understand what he or she says in response to your requests. Miscommunication can be a detriment in such cases and is very easy.
The bottom line is that you have to be your own advocate. If you prefer, make sure to tell the hairdresser that you want to see the mirror while he/she works, so that you can make sure to prevent any issues before it’s too late. And it can help if you look through magazines and find a photo of the hairstyle you want before you go into the salon.
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