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Cutting Split Ends

Q: I have a habit of cutting my split ends as I see them, one at a time. I was wondering if this is a bad thing to do - if it could help the hair, and if it will eventually make my hair uneven. I'm not really sure. If I knew for certain, I bet I would stop.
A: Well, cutting the split ends one at a time sounds as though it would be a reasonably safe way to deal with them. However, it sounds very time consuming, and depending on how prolific the split-ends are, it can affect the look of your hairstyle in the long term.
girl cheking her hair for split ends A better solution would be to work on preventing the split ends in the first place. I recommend making sure to use a "smooth and sleek" formula shampoo and conditioner, and an anti-frizz serum on your hair while it is still wet. Make certain to comb the serum through the hair using a wide-tooth comb.
Continued use of these products will help to prevent further split ends, and in addition, you should avoid certain activities that can exacerbate the problem:
Avoid over-brushing the hair. Brushing the hair using a natural bristle brush can be helpful in distributing the hair's natural oils and stimulating the scalp, but brushing the hair too much, or too frequently can cause split ends. A wide-tooth comb, or a brush with tines instead of bristles is recommended for daily styling.
Be sure to protect the hair during heat-styling. If you blow-dry the hair, or use curling and flat irons, make sure to use a leave-in conditioner to protect the hair from potential damage caused by these appliances. You also want to make certain that your appliances aren't too hot for your hair. Lightly mist a piece of tissue paper with water, and place it in the clamp of the heated appliance. Leave it for 10 seconds. The tissue should come out dry, but clean. If there is any smoking or the paper appears scorched, your tool is too hot.
Finally, just treat your hair gently. When treated properly, your hair can be your crowning glory. However, if you are careless, you can soon find your hair looking haggard and damaged.
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