How Often You Need a Haircut

Bob haircut for summer
Q: How often do you need a haircut? I have been wearing my hair long my entire life and, after much hesitation, I’m finally ready to go short. I’m actually looking forward to it! I want a short bob for summer.
My hair is fine and my hairdresser thinks that my best option is a shorter than chin length bob with layers and graduation at the back to make it appear thicker. How often will I need touch up haircuts? Is this type of bob a good idea? I don’t have an unlimited budget for haircuts!

A: How often you need a haircut is totally dependent on your own needs. Hairdressers tend to disagree on this question a lot, but in my experience, if you’re growing your hair you only need to have your tips cut two or three times a year, as long as you take really good care of it.
I agree with your hairdresser that the A-line bob will make your hair look thicker and healthier. So yeah, I think that that is a good idea. Also, the A-line bob with lots of volume and texture grows out pretty easily and attractively. You won’t need to have it cut every second month for instance, as the style kind of adapts with the added length.
When the length starts to irritate you, or it starts to fall flat again and looks thin or stringy, have it cut into style again. Also, you’ll be amazed at how much less products that you’ll be using on your hair. When you take the cost of the saved product into consideration, you’ll find that you’ll easily be able to maintain your new do.
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