Hair Coloring Q&A (4)

Hair color swatches
Is it possible to color very short nape hair?
Is it possible to color your hair without using dyes? Maybe with fruits and berries?
Is it possible to go blonde in stages?
Is it possible to go from black to platinum?
Is it possible to go from brown to blonde without bleaching first?
Is it possible to make only the amount of hair color you need to touch up roots?
Is it safe to use a home bleaching kit?
Is it true that coloring and bleaching might not take well when you're sick?
Is it true that blondes can't dye their hair because it will turn green?
Is it true that dark hair ages you when you grow older?
Is it true that you can use vitamin C tablets to lighten your hair? How does it work?
Is it true that you can use coffee grounds to make brown hair darker?
Is non-ammonia hair color a semi-permanent or permanent one?
Is there a difference between hair developer and hair activator?
Is there a hair dye that doesn't have to be rinsed out?
Is there any way to prevent color casting after a relaxer?
Is there a way to remove the color from my hair so I can let the gray shine through?
Is there something like the best hair color for a certain face shape?
I've used hydrogen peroxide to lighten my roots and now it looks orange.
I want to color my hair myself, taking it from red to a golden blonde. What do I need?
I want to color the tips of my dark hair blue. Do I have to bleach the tips first?
I want to go blonde and have a question about peroxide developer.
I want to put a mulberry / burgundy lot of colored foils. Will that take to black?
I was trying to make my hair the same color as Rebecca Herbst but it is too dark.
I would like to get ombre hair. Will it damage my hair?
I would like to know exactly what a hair rinse is. Is it like hair coloring?
Must my hair be newly cleaned without product for a successful color treatment?
My face is always reddish. What hair colors would make my skin look better?
My hair always looks dull after it has been colored. What can I do?
My partner wants to put red streaks in black hair. How should she do it?
Should a hair stylist always do a shade test before coloring your hair?
Should hair color match my skin tone?
Should I cut most unwanted hair before an ombré?
Should I cut my long bleached hair?
Should I have the same stylist that cuts my hair color it for optimum results?
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