Non-Ammonia Hair Color

Naturtint ammonia-free hair color
Photo: Juan Bautizta/Capturenow/Canva
Q: Is non-ammonia hair color a semi-permanent or permanent one? Thanks!
A: The non-ammonia hair colors out there come in both permanent and semi-permanent formulas.
The difference in regular color and non-ammonia formulas is that the non-ammonia formulas use a different alkaline substance to open the cuticle layer and allow the color to penetrate. This means that the hair color can be formulated as desired – for longer or shorter term coloring – while having the positive of a milder fragrance.
It is important to note, however, that a non-ammonia hair color formula does NOT necessarily mean that the color isn't potentially damaging to the hair. These formulae are milder, but should still be carefully monitored while they are being used, and should not be used casually on hair that is heavily stressed or potentially damaged without special attention.
It should also be noted that the milder results apply primarily only to those formulas that are deposit-only hair colors. The color formulas that are designed to lift the original color or otherwise lighten the color of the hair still contain peroxides and other bleaching agents and are just as harsh as their ammonia-containing counterparts.
I am not trying to speak against non-ammonia color, but I want to make sure that potential users understand what "non-ammonia" formulas actually do for them, and prevent them from using these color formulas carelessly and causing damage to their hair as a result.
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