Home Bleaching for Re-growth

L'Oréal hair bleaching kit
Q: My bleached hair has a lot of re-growth, and I need to get it re-bleached. I can not get it done at a salon because I'm on a low budget. Is it safe to use a home bleaching kit? A friend claims that I could lose my hair when I use a bleaching kit!
A: You can do severe damage to the hair if you are not experienced using hair bleach. When bleaching new growth it is IMPERATIVE that you not overlap the bleaching agent onto already bleached hair. The bleach can weaken the overlapped areas and cause breakage at that point.
As an alternative to a traditional salon, check your area for a beauty school that takes clients. The services are performed by near-graduates under their instructors' supervision, and they generally perform services for much less (usually half the cost or less) than salon costs.
If you feel you must use an at-home kit, you simply HAVE to have the assistance of a friend. This type of retouch is not something you do yourself. You need a clear view of the hair, and that isn't possible from every angle doing it yourself.
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