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Dull Hair After Coloring

Q: My hair always looks dull after it has been colored. What can I (or the hairdresser) do to make it look better?
A: Well, a good after-color conditioner to help smooth the cuticle layer and seal in the color will also give the hair added shine. But in some cases, the hair needs something "extra". When this is the case, your stylist should consider a demi-permanent cellophane treatment. Cellophane treatments are deposit-only processes that add either clear or tinted shine elements to the hair instead of traditional color.
The shine enhancers help to fill in the cuticle and increase the level of reflectivity of the hair, leaving it shinier and healthier-looking as a result. With tinted formulas, you can even boost the vibrancy of colors if you've experienced color fade. Even clearcoat formulas will make the colors appear brighter as they make the color more light-reflective.
Aside from this, be sure that you're following a good conditioning regimen for the needs of your hair. If your hair isn't getting proper conditioning, then the color treatment damage will only worsen. Remember, even perfectly healthy hair should be conditioned every day, and only shampooed when it becomes soiled.
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