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Go from Brown to Blonde

Q: Are there any products or new techniques that now make it possible for those with dark brown hair (let's say level 2) to go a true dark blond (level 7) without going through a two-step process? Especially for touch-ups on the root area, is there no easier way to lighten 4-5 levels from brown to blonde without bleaching first?
A: Currently, while there are advances in chemistry for hair color and bleaching, you still need to use pre-lightening to get pure colors in high-lift color processes. In some cases, you can get 4-5 levels of lift by using high-volume peroxide developers (such as 50-volume developer), but these developers should only be used by trained professionals in a salon setting and monitored closely. Without proper application, and even heating to process the lifting action, you can end up with uneven and splotchy results.
I will never advocate an individual attempting to use any developer above 30-volume in strength, and I personally would urge caution before attempting to lift the hair more than three shades without professional assistance.
If you already go to a salon and your stylist prefers using a two-stage color process, there are probably good reasons for doing so. It may be a matter of better controlling the processing, and there may be problems with your hair that your stylist is keeping in consideration.
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