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Hair Color & Face Shape

Q: I read a lot about the best hairstyles for a certain face shape and about the best hair color for a certain skin tone. But, is there something like the best hair color for a certain face shape? Are there hair colors that will make your face look rounder?
A: Color is generally not that big a factor in coping with face shape and/or problematic feature prominence. However, when highlighting the hair, you can sometimes influence the look of the face with the placement of your highlighting. In shorter hairstyles, especially, highlights in the top section of the head and along the forehead help to create a vertical focus, which can make the face look longer.
Girl using her hair to change the appearance of her face shape

In that same vein, having highlights along the temples and sides predominantly can create the sense that the face is wider. The same can be said of targeted fashion color usage. Anything that draws the attention of the eye in a specific direction can have an impact on the overall appearance.
The color of the hair when it is predominantly uniform (with natural variations) generally won't affect the way the face shape appears. However, when colors are mixed, you must remember that areas with lighter colors appear larger and closer while areas with darker colors recede and appear further away. It's for this reason that you must always carefully plan out your hair-coloring patterns in order to create results that flatter the individual.
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