Optimum Cut and Color Results

Hair stylist and client
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Q: Should I have the same stylist that cuts my hair color it for optimum results?
A: While it's not necessary that the stylist who cuts your hair colors it (and in fact, some stylists prefer not to do color) it can be beneficial to have the same person handling all your salon needs.
The primary benefit is simply familiarity. If your stylist knows your hair and has been working with you for a long period of time, then he or she will be better able to help you deal with situations that may arise. He can also help you avoid unfortunate mistakes.
Of course, some hair salons operate as a team and you will have different individuals performing different services depending on their specialty. In these settings, you generally become familiar with the whole group and hopefully you can develop a rapport with everyone.
Even so, there is no real NEED for having the same stylist (or even hair salon) handle both cuts and color for you. The services of cutting and coloring the hair operate under very different mechanics and processes, and skill with one service doesn't guarantee skill with another. The goal of optimum results relies more on esthetic sense than on familiarity. The familiarity can help when the esthetic sense is there.
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