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Touch Up New Growth

Q: I wish the hair color companies would make ROOT size bottles instead of only full size bottles of color. I have heard that some people just make up the amount they need to use and mix it up. Have you ever heard of people making just the amount they need?
A: Sure. Most hair color companies make their home haircolor kits to allow the coloration of the entire head of hair. If you only need to touch up the new growth of your hair, then the rest of the color mixture goes to waste.
woman coloring the roots of her hair

Since most of the color formulas mix the color agent with the developer at a ratio of 1:1, you can easily reduce the amount of the product you use. Just be sure to combine the products in equal amounts and seal and store the rest for future use. I don't recommend using a previously-opened product that's been sitting for more than a few months, but dividing your haircolor kit between two touch-up applications, should present no problems at all.
(Note: if the color kit you're using has a developer bottle that is larger than your color bottle, meaning that there's more developer than color for the mix, use proportionate amounts. Some color formulas use a 2:1 ratio, but in these cases, you'll see that there's double the amount of developer available compared to the color.)
Remember to apply the color to the new growth for the first part of the processing then in the last ten to fifteen minutes comb the color through to the ends of the hair to finish processing and refresh the color of the rest of your hair. This helps to avoid any lines of demarcation and give you even results.
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