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Hair Dye for Bed-ridden Patient

Q: My mother is bedridden, can't use water to rinse her hair. Is there a hair dye that doesn't have to be rinsed out?
A: If you need a hair dye that doesn't need rinsing, you are likely to want to try a temporary haircolor. These are commonly available as rinses, or even in mousse or gel forms (to be applied in the same manner as styling products). These are designed to last only until the next time the hair is shampooed, and offer no permanent coloring effect (at least, not intentionally) although some staining can occur.
However, there are some issues you will want to be aware of. Because the haircolor is temporary, the color resides on the surface of the hair shaft and can rub off onto pillows and bed linens, or furniture upholstery and clothing. This can lead to stains that may, or may not, be readily washable. Also, if the individual perspires sufficiently, the color can run and bleed.
As the color is lost and transferred to other surfaces in this manner, the hair can become unevenly tinted and the color will need to be retouched at least as often as the hair can be washed if not in between. It should also be noted that a temporary color should be applied to clean hair, and it may not work well in combination with waterless or dry shampoo products.
While this doesn't present a pleasant prospect for the use of temporary color in this situation, this is your best option, as even a demi-permanent color must be rinsed as part of the application process. Depending upon the situation you want to have the hair colored for (a special event or holiday photos or such) the use of a temporary color may be reasonable. However, given a bed-ridden patient, such a product may not be a good option for long-term color maintenance.
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