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Rebecca Herbst Hair Color

Q: I was trying to make my hair the same color as Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth from General Hospital), her current hair color (which is almost a mix of light and medium brown with a golden tint), and so I dyed my ashy brown hair with {brand name deleted} 5W Medium golden brown. But now it seems too dark and it got red. How do I fix it?
A: Well, it sounds as though you need to lighten the hair once more and neutralize the overabundant red color tone. The problem, to be honest, is that you seemed to have an overly-optimistic idea about what your result would be from coloring your hair. When you see a celebrity on a daytime drama with a haircolor you like, you have to remember that the show has a team of dedicated stylists whose sole job is to care for the hair and make-up needs of the actors and actresses.
Rebecca Herbst hair color
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I am not a viewer of General Hospital but I was able to find some publicity photos on the ABC website of Rebecca Herbst. None of the photos seems to show the particular color you describe (at least as I would describe them) but all of them show a combination of colors in dimensional hair color technique. These are color results that you will never achieve with a home haircolor kit.
My best recommendation is to have you contact your hairstylist and set up an appointment for him or her to perform a color correction. Being completely honest, I don't have enough information about the current state of your haircolor, its condition, or the product you used to get the color you currently have to be able to advise you on how to correct it with any certainty of success.
Before you see your stylist, however, make sure to take him (or her) a photograph or even a videotape of the hair color look you want to achieve so that he (or she) can make the best choices for your hair.
I do apologize that I am unable to simply give you a few instructions and help you achieve the desired look or reverse the color results you already experienced. As I've stated before, hair coloring is part science (chemistry and color theory) and part art, and since the terms used to describe hair colors are so often ambiguous, many cases of color correction require some form of visual to ensure accuracy. It is best when the hair professional can be hands on and see what needs to be done.
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