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Wellaflex Hair Styling Tips

Learn how to style short, shoulder length and long hair with illustrated hair styling tips provided by Wellaflex.
Styling tips for short to shoulder length hair
1. Tightly styled bob
2. Chin-length bob
3. Bob with texture & movement
4. Volume for fine hair
5. Bob for heavier hair
  • shiny bob
  • bob with natural volume
  • bob with outward wisp
  • haircut for fine hair
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Styling tips for shoulder length hair
1. Bob for stressed hair
2. Style with curlers
3. Hairstyle for a sensitive scalp
4. Shoulderlength hair with outward wisp
  • bob for stressed hair
  • shape hair with curlers
  • haircut for an irritated scalp
  • hair styled with outward flick
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Styling tips for long hair
1. Style long stressed hair
2. Long lasting volume for long hair
3. Shoulderlength hair with shine
4. Make curls bounce
  • style long hair
  • long hair with volume
  • long hair with shine
  • curls that bounce
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