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Longer Lasting Volume

Shoulder length hair with lasting volume
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Volume that just lasts longer - Wellaflex "2-day-volume".
Volume is still the trend. To keep it loose and natural, this hairstyle should be worn with much movement in the hair. Soft waves don't just add a modern structure, they also create additional volume.
Step 1:
Spray Wellaflex 2-Day-Volume blowdry spray into the towel dry hair. For best results keep your head down or sideways so that the hair fans out and the spray can be distributed more evenly. The blowdry spray is a great alternative to mousse, especially since it is so easy to distribute it in longer hair.
Step 2:
Blow dry hair. This is especially gentle and even when you use the diffuser attachment to your blow dryer.
  • Spray bolwdry spray into towel dry hair
  • Blow dry hair with a diffuser
  • Roll hair on heated curlers
  • Shake hair out
  • Spray with volume hair spray
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Step 3:
Roll dry hair on heated curlers. Always start from the top and partition the hair neatly. Also make sure that the individual strands are never wider than the curlers.
Step 4:
Let curlers cool off well and remove from bottom to top. Then shake hair out with head down to make it flow in soft waves.
Step 5:
As a finish use Wellaflex Volume Hairspray. For extra fluff spray in with head down or tilted to the side and spray from below. That way the hair fans out and the spray reaches the roots as well as the ends.
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