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Chin-Length Bob

Chin length bob hairstyle
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Natural Hold for every day - Wellaflex "natural hold".
This variation of the bob proves again that the bob is the ideal haircut for every age. Soft layers in front create a casual flow emphasized even more by the long bangs. This way the chin-length bob looks indeed naturally but never boring.
Step 1:
To create natural volume spray Wellaflex 2-day volume spray into the towel dry hair. This is made easy be leaning the head lightly to the side and spraying from below.
Step 2:
Blow dry hair over a large round brush. For extra volume roll individual sections over the brush at the roots, dry and let cool before removing the brush.
  • Create natural volume in the hair
  • Blow dry hair over a round brush
  • Roll the ends of the hair over a brush
  • Spray hairspray for natural hold
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Step 3:
For the right momentum roll ends over brush once again, blow dry and let cool off.
Step 4:
In the end spray on some Wellaflex hairspray for a natural hold. The spray distributes best when it is sprayed from about 20cm distance on a lightly tilted head.
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