Hairstyle with an Outward Flick

Hairstyle with an outward wisp
Shine and protection for colored Hair: Wellaflex "Color Brilliance".
Shoulder-length haircuts with soft layers offer much versatility. That way, a loosely styled outward flick brings out the layers best. Long bangs add a modern touch.
Step 1:
Spray gel into hair
Spray some Wellaflex Colorbrilliance Gel into the hair. Tilt the head to the side, to let the hair fan out and the spray distribute evenly. Compared to a mousse, the gel-spray gives hold and volume to the hair, but also more grip and texture.
Step 2:
Brush hair against its growth
To achieve a lot of natural volume, tilt your head to the side and brush your hair against its growth direction while blow drying.
Step 3:
Style hair with an outward wisp
You can create an outward wisp either by rolling the ends over a large round brush and blow-drying them again or by using a flat iron. Just put the hair into the iron and turn it outward.
Step 4:
Define hair with spray gel
To add a great finish to the outward wisp, spray some Wellaflex colorbilliance gel-spray on your fingertips and define individual strands.
Step 5:
Fixate the hair with hairspray
Fixate the look with Wellaflex hairspray. Spray some extra on the outward roll, while tilting your head to the side and aiming directly at the tips.
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